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喜临门 Joyous Red Chamber Willow

喜临门 Joyous Red Chamber Willow

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Embark on a cultural odyssey with our exploration of Pussy Willow (银柳), the cherished symbol heralding Spring and Prosperity in Chinese tradition. Discover the enchanting allure of catkins as we delve into their significance, unveiling a narrative steeped in the growth and abundance of fortune. Our in-depth look at the symbolism behind Pussy Willow's fluffy blossoms and commanding height immerses you in the essence of Chinese heritage. Join us to uncover the secrets of Springtime opulence, where each branch whispers promises of prosperity. Explore the cultural resonance of Pussy Willow, where tradition meets symbolism, and elevate your understanding of this timeless emblem.

Pussy willows can last for months and make for a great decoration even after Chinese New Year is over.

Height: Approx 40-50cm

Delivery : Before 8 Feb 2024

*All flowers as shown are artificial. Images shown are an illustration of the style. Flowers used may vary subject to availability. If you have specific requirements to use fresh cut flowers, please inbox us directly for bespoke services.



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