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缤纷 Ombre 3-in-1 Willow Set

缤纷 Ombre 3-in-1 Willow Set

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In Chinese tradition, Pussy willow (银柳), also known as catkins is a signifies the coming of Spring and Prosperity. The appearance of their branches of fluffy, furry blossoms and tall height can also be related to the growth and abundance of fortune.

Pussy willows can last for months and make for a great decoration even after Chinese New Year is over.

Size: Approx 30cm height 

Delivery : Before 8 Feb 2024

*All flowers as shown are artificial. Images shown are an illustration of the style. Flowers used may vary subject to availability. If you have specific requirements to use fresh cut flowers, please inbox us directly for bespoke services.


50-60cm height.
Pot size 18.5cm (h) x 14cm (w)

Care Instructions

Store in dry area

Difficulty Level

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