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Peperomia Marmorata Pink Lady styled with Calice Planter

Peperomia Marmorata Pink Lady styled with Calice Planter

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Commonly called Pink Lady, has heart-shaped, deep rippled or corrugated leaves with splashes of pink, green and white.

Plants from our selection will look similar but may not be identical to the photos as plants are all unique.


Planter size: 12cm(w) x 19cm(h)

Care Instructions

Light: Low to bright light. Protect this plant from direct sunlight. It thrives under indoor grow lights, making it a good choice for an office plants

Water: Keep soil barely moist. Allow the top inch of soil to dry between waterings.

Soil: Light peat moss potting mix that contains perlite or sand to help drainage. Peperomia likes some air around its roots. This plant will easily get stem and/or root rot if the potting medium is kept wet.

Difficulty Level


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