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Begonia Maculata styled with Luna Planter

Begonia Maculata styled with Luna Planter

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Begonia Maculata, also known as the Polka dot Begonia is one of the most photogenic and popular houseplant. It has silver-spotted leaves on the dark olive-green angel wing-shaped leaves. The polka dot begoni is also called Begonia ‘Wightii, is a recent popular indoor plants for collectors. Begonia Maculata is surprisingly easy to take care. The Polka dot Begonia requires high levels of humidity and moderate sunlight.

Plants from our selection will look similar but may not be identical to the photos as plants are all unique.


Planter Size: Size : 19m (w) x 15cm (h)
Total Height : approx 30-40cm

Care Instructions

Light : Bright indirect sunlight

Water : Water weekly keeping the soil moist at all times, but be mindful of overwatering. This plant won’t like to sit in water.

Soil : Well-drained soil. Fertilizing every 2-4 weeks.

Difficulty Level

Medium. Require some TLC :)

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